(2024/06/10 出刊)

  OpenAI has signed a historic deal with News Corp, the media company that owns the Wall Street Journal. The deal will give OpenAI access to current and archived content from all of News Corp’s publications, including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, the Daily Telegraph, the Times, and others.
  The Wall Street Journal said the content licensing deal could be worth more than $250 million over five years, including compensation in the form of cash and credits for use of OpenAI technology.
  The latest deal will allow OpenAI to use the content for both training purposes and answering questions from users.“We believe a historic agreement will set new standards for veracity, for virtue and for value in the digital age,” said News Corp.
  The deal comes weeks after OpenAI signed a deal with the Financial Times and the Associated Press. Other publications, including the New York Times, have taken a different approach. They are suing OpenAI and Microsoft, the startup’s key backer.

 OpenAI 與《華爾街日報》的母公司「新聞集團」簽署了一項歷史性協議。該協議將允許OpenAI 存取「新聞集團」旗下所有出版物最新及歷史檔案資料,包括《華爾街日報》、《紐約郵報》、英國《每日電訊報》及《泰晤士報》等。
 《華爾街日報》表示,這筆為期五年的內容授權協議,價值可能超過 2.5 億美元,包括支付新聞媒體現金,並提供其OpenAI 技術使用權作為交換。
 新聞集團與OpenAI 達成的協議,將允許其使用新聞內容對AI執行訓練,並回答用戶的問題。「新聞集團」表示:「我們相信,這項歷史性的協議將為數位時代的真實性、美德和價值制定新的標準。」
 幾個星期前,OpenAI 也剛與《金融時報》、美聯社簽署協議。然而,有些出版業者如《紐約時報》等,則採取不同做法;他們選擇與 OpenAI 及OpenAI 的重要金主「微軟」對簿公堂。