2024年上路 歐盟統一手機充電線

  European Union officials have inked a provisional agreement to require a standard USB charging cord for smartphones and other portable devices. It’s a part of wider effort to make products sold in the 27-nation bloc more sustainable and cut down on electronic waste.
  European consumers are fed up with multiple chargers piling up within their drawers. The new rules will take effect by fall 2024. EU consumers will only need to use a common USB Type-C cable for rechargeable, portable electronic devices, including mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, earbuds, digital cameras, headphones, handheld videogame consoles, and others. The EU estimates it will save consumers $266 million a year.
  Reducing electronic waste is another goal. The EU estimates disposed or unused chargers account for 11,000 metric tons of e-waste in the continent every year.
  The rule is likely to force Apple to replace Lightning port to USB-C by autumn, 2024.

 歐洲消費者受夠了抽屜裡堆積如山的充電器。新規定將於二○二四年秋季生效。歐盟消費者只需使用統一規格的USB Type-C 線,連接可充電式的行動電子設備,包括手機、平板電腦、電子閱讀器、耳塞式耳機、數位相機、耳機、掌上型電玩機等。歐盟估計每年將為消費者節省二.六六億美元。
 減少電子垃圾是另一個目標。歐盟估計,丟棄或廢棄的充電器每年在歐洲造成 一.一萬公噸的電子垃圾。
 新規定意味蘋果必須在二○二四年秋季之前,將產品的Lightning 連接埠改為 USB-C連接埠。