美國李將軍雕像下 百年時光膠囊開箱解謎

  On December 28th, conservation experts in Richmond, Virginia pulled books, money, ammunition, documents and other artifacts from a long-sought-after time capsule found in the remnants of a pedestal that once held a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.
  While the items were in decent condition, water had penetrated the box. Over the course of about two hours, the team sliced open the 16-kilo copper box, and carefully pried apart and documented the damp contents. The box had been tucked in a foundation cornerstone of the Richmond monument since 1887.
  The 134-year-old time capsule had drawn substantial interest, as one 1887 newspaper article detailing its existence made mention of it containing a rare photo of Abraham Lincoln in his coffin. Ultimately, such a photo was not found.

 美國維吉尼亞州首府里奇蒙市的文物保護專家去年十二月二十八日 ,從一個久負盛名的時光膠囊中取出了書籍、貨幣、彈藥、文件和其他文物,時光膠囊是在美國南北戰爭南軍統帥李將軍雕像的殘留基座中找到的。