新德里 無限期停課

  India’s authorities closed schools indefinitely and shut down some coal-burning power plants due to dangerous levels of air pollution.
  New Delhi, home to more than 20 million people, is one of the most polluted capitals. To address the dirty-air crisis, authorities have ordered schools to shut down until further notice. Trucks, except those carrying essential goods, are barred from entering the capital until November 21st and most construction activity has been halted. Six of the 11 coal power plants were told to cease operations. Staff is urged to work from home.
  The New Delhi state government said it is open to the idea of a weekend lockdown. Environmentalists said the measure can only ensure that pollution does not worsen, but it will not clean the air. The PM 2.5 level is more than 20 times the maximum limit recommended by the World Health Organization.

 新德里有超過兩千萬人口,是空汙最嚴重的首都之一。為了解決空氣汙染危機,當局已下令學校停課,直到另行通知。在十一月二十一日之前 ,除了運送必需品的卡車,其他卡車不得進入首都,大多數工地也已停工。十一家燃煤電廠中有六家被通知停止發電。員工也被鼓勵在家工作。
 新德里州政府表示,對於週末實施封鎖的提議 ,抱持開放態度。環保人士則表示,這項措施只能確保不會加劇汙染,無法淨化空氣。新德里的PM 2.5 超標,是世界衛生組織建議最高量的二十倍。