世界博覽會 杜拜華麗開場

  The first world fair to be held in the Middle East, Expo 2020 Dubai, opened on Oct. 1st with a lavish ceremony of fireworks and music. There was also messaging about the power of global collaboration for a more sustainable future in an attempt to woo the world despite the pandemic.
  Delayed a year by the virus, Expo 2020 has over 190 countries taking part in the event that will last six months. Dubai is the region’s tourism, trade and business hub. After spending $7 billion to build the expo site from scratch on 4.3 sq km of desert, organizers hope to boost Dubai's economy by attracting 25 million business and tourist visits to the world fair. However, this has also renewed long-standing criticisms of this skyscraper-studded sheikhdom built largely by low-paid workers where speech and assembly remain strictly controlled.

 全球首次在中東舉行的二○二○杜拜世界博覽會十月一日盛大開幕,煙火齊放、音樂放送,傳達致力於永續未來的全球合作實力 ,儘管疫情肆虐,杜拜仍然傾全力使全世界驚豔。
 二○二○世博因為新冠肺炎延後一年舉行 ,有超過一百九十個國家參與,為期六個月 。杜拜身為中東地區的旅遊經貿重鎮,為世博場地斥資七十億美元,希望吸引兩千五百萬名商務客和觀光客造訪,來振興經濟。這片世博場地占地四點三平方公里,在一片黃沙中從無到有。然而,此舉也再度為杜拜招致長期以來受人詬病之處,這個高樓林立的酋長國幾乎全是由低薪勞工來參與建設,言論和集會仍然受到嚴格控制。