阿爾巴尼亞 女力內閣

  Albania’s parliament on Sept. 17th voted in the first cabinet to be dominated by women since the multi-party system was introduced 30 years ago. Following a 20-hour debate, the 140-seat parliament voted 77-53 for Prime Minister Edi Rama’s new cabinet.
  The left-wing Socialist Party secured a record third consecutive mandate in an April 25th parliamentary election with 74 seats. Rama, 57, boasted in his speech that “this new government will enter history as the cabinet with the highest number of women”. Twelve in the 17-member cabinet are women, putting Albania in the global lead in terms of the percentage of women holding cabinet positions. According to the latest UN figures from January 2021, Nicaragua topped the list at the time with 10 women among 17 cabinet members.