死亡谷創高溫 BTS美告示牌奪冠

 Records of all kinds were smashed across the board in 2020. Meteorologists recorded a temperature of 54.4 degrees Celsius in California’s Death Valley in August—likely the hottest ever measured on the planet. Antarctica saw a high of 20.75°C , the first time to break the 20°C barrier.
 South Korean boyband BTS made history with first non-English song to top the US Billboard chart. The most expensive racing pigeon was sold for $1.9 million in China. Ugandan Joshua Cheptegei broke the 10,000m track world record in October with a time of 26 mins 11 seconds. In August, he had shattered the much-vaunted 5,000m world record that had stood for 16 years.
 Half of the planet was locked down in March after the Covid-19 virus was detected, but the longest lockdown took place in Buenos Aires, with 234 days. In the UK, John Griffin climbed 8,850 vertical meters — the height of Mount Everest — on the stairs of his three-story home while in lockdown over a period of just four days. The craziest climb was intended to raise money for charity.

 南韓的BTS 防彈少年團也締造歷史,其單曲成為首支登上美國「告示牌」排行榜冠軍的外語歌曲。一隻賽鴿在中國以一百九十萬美元售出,創下最高價紀錄。烏干達田徑名將切普特格十月時以二十六分十一秒刷新一萬公尺長跑世界紀錄。今年八月,切普特格也打破了保持十六年的五千公尺世界紀錄。