川普同意交接 拜登組新內閣

 Three weeks after Election Day, the General Services Administration formally ascertained Presidentelect Joe Biden as the winner on November 23rd. This allows Biden to coordinate with federal agencies on plans for taking over on January 20th. Trump, who had refused to concede the election, said in a tweet that he is telling his team to cooperate, but vows to keep up the legal fights.
 The incoming president has chosen officials from the Obama-era for top national security and economic roles. This marks a shift from the Trump administration’s “America First” policies that disparaged international alliances and favored deregulation and tax cuts.
 The picks include former Secretary of State John Kerry to take the lead on combating climate change. Biden is also expected to choose Former Fed Chair Janet Yellen as the first woman to become treasury secretary. He will nominate longtime adviser Antony Blinken to be secretary of state, Cuban-American lawyer Alejandro Mayorkas to be homeland security secretary and Black diplomat Linda Thomas-Greenfield to be ambassador to the United Nations. Avril Haines, a former deputy director of the CIA, will be nominated as director of national intelligence, the first woman to hold that post.
 Biden’s team fulfills his campaign promise to reflect the diversity of America.